There is a story that teaches students what to do when you are angry. Tsveta Misheva-Aleksova – a child psychologist and  Milena Manova – psychotherapist wrote some  stories  in the collection “Why always me?” Selected situations present common conflicts that we do not always know how to respond.There are games that help students understand the situation at the end of each story.

Wolfie The Wolf   was  aggressive and stubborn. He shouted and beating anyone who did not do what he wanted. Mother  Wolf  and Father Wolf  tried to use all sorts of methods to calm him down, but they did not succeed. Then they took Wolfie The Wolf  in thedark cave where Snake lived . In the middle of the cave there was a fireplace  surrounded by stones.  Snake  listenedcarefully  to Wolfie The Wolf  and his parents. Then Wolfie The Wolf  was left alone with the Snake. The Snake showed him thefireplace.  The Snake removed a stone from the fireplace , the fire came out of the fireplace and lit the dry sticks nearby on fire.

Then  The Snake  explained to Wolfie The Wolf  that the fire in the fireplace is like his anger and is raging in his body. But only the magic stones can stop this fire not to come out anddestroy or hurt something or someone. Stones  help the fire to burn in the right direction.

Wolfie The Wolf  asked how he could find such magical stones. The Snake replied that everyone can discover them themselves.

And Wolfie The Wolf  leaned over and read the inscriptions of the magic stones around the fireplace:

“Close the eyes and count to 10”


“I paint”

“I say I am angry” …

The Snake gave to  Wolfie The Wolf one of his stones. It was written on the stone – “I determine the direction of the fire”


Activities after reading the Story

We discussed the aggression and  anger

The students made a visualization of the history of aggression

Everyone wrote what annoyed him

We made a tower of anger and demolished it because it hinders friendship

Everyone gave an opinion  what they would write on their magic stone