Eli has never seen vegetables and fruits in her life because vegetables and fruits can’t grow in Kansas. One day there was a hurricane in  Kansas. The hurricane carried Eli and dropped her in the country of fruit and vegetables. The first thing Ellie saw was a big red ball. “Who are you?” Ellie asked. “Tomato,” answered the ball. Eli continued to walk. After a while, she saw a big yellow ball. The ball presented itself: “Lemon” and offered Eli to try it. Ellie took a little piece, but it was so sour that she cried. Ellie got angry at Lemon and walked away.
Suddenly she noticed an elongated/long  fruit . This fruit also  offered her to try it. She tasted it and liked it. “I will remember you. What is your name? – asked Ellie. ” Banana,” replied the fruit. Ellie continued on her way and soon she reached  a vast meadow. She sat down and started to observe her surroundings. Suddenly she saw  large red balls hanging in the trees. “Hey, tomatoes, I know you, let’s chatt,” she said. “We are not tomatoes, we are apples,” a voice replied. “Well, well, I know you , you’re red and round. You’re  a tomato. Do not lie.” The apple  was so upset that it broke off and fell on the ground. Ellie walked away. After a while she felt hungry . She reached  a field where there were lots of yellow balls. “Try us, we are very sweet,” they whispered, “I am not a fool, you’re yellow so you’re sour,” she said. So she stayed hungry, and the sweet watermelons  just raised their shoulders. And suddenly on the meadow she saw a  long fruit. “Let me try you. I am hungry,” said Ellie. The poor chilly pepper had never enjoyed popularity. Now it was so happy to give joy to someone. Elli ate it and started crying from both the hot taste and amazement.
The Bulgarian team  presented the play inspired by the novel The Wizard of Oz adapted by the psychologist Kanchev.