The major differentiating feature of PES “Bankerche„ is the practically oriented education.  It is also its competitive advantage which is being maintained through  several approaches: attracting highly qualified professionals as teachers in the educational and training process; updating the educational programs in accordance with the tendencies in the specific fields; updating the programs taught and implementing new subjects; implementing innovative methods of teaching and training; adapting the methods and approaches for educational and practical training; ongoing partnership with Bulgarian and foreign educational institutions for exchange of experience and good practices ; ensuring opportunities for the students to further develop the acquired knowledge and skills through participation in projects, programs and seminars.

Another differentiating feature of the school is providing a full scope of specialized trainers even in the earliest stages of education. The foreign language preparation, ICT studies, entrepreneur skills classes and arts are taught by specialized professionals with the qualification to work with the specific age group. They continuously forgo further on-the-job and off-the-job qualification which supports the philosophy of the school for interdisciplinary ties and cross-cultural approach in the educational and training process.

A primary focus for the school management and staff is the basis for relationship with the students and treating them as equal partners in the educational process. That establishes the school as a desired place for students to receive knowledge and skills, helps to develop their personal motivation for higher results, ensures their devotion towards further personal development, increases their opportunities to make the link between their interests and knowledge, allows them to be more open and understanding of the world, improves their abilities to implement ICT in their studies.

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