The first participant stays in the center of the room and announces two of his features, for example: “On the one hand I wear glasses” and puts my left hand on the side, “And on the other – I love ice cream” and pulls out his right hand. A participant from the group, who also wears glasses, grasps the leader’s left hand and announces: “On the one hand I wear glasses and on the other – I love cats” and raises his free hand. A third participant who loves ice cream grabs the right hand of the previous and announces: “On the one hand, I love ice cream and on the other – I love chocolate.” This is how the game continues until all the participants become part of the domino.


= Were you trying to identify the most popular features, or did you look for ones that are not typical of others?

= What did you learn about each other?

= What did you feel when you found out that someone else in the class resembles you in the specified feature?

= What did you feel when you realized that someone did not like you.

Is it OK or bad that there are students with different characteristics in the group? Why?