From November 29 to December 3, 2017, two meetings were held at the PES”Bankerche” , during the project “You and me – we are the same”, Erasmus + Program, № 2017-1-FR01-KA219-037223_6 (“You and me – we are the same”).

One meeting gathered the headmasters and coordinators of each partner school. Issues related to project management, activities and reporting of progress, organization, dates, and duration of the next workshops were discussed.

The second workshop aimed to train teachers to apply IT in their training activities. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the organizations that help  the PES Bankerche in carrying out the project activities:


3. WWF Bulgaria

The representatives of the Cybercrime Academy presented to the partners the main dangers of using the Internet for educational purposes. The experts have also provided basic guidelines for preventing aggression in the virtual space.

During the workshop, partners were also trained on “Working in the Etwinning Platform”. The project received the exclusive support of the HRDC Bulgaria. The etwinning Ambassador Tsvettela Taralova held a highly professional training of the project team.

On the last working day of the meeting WWF Bulgaria Representative Nelly Doncheva met with the project team. She provided guidance on project activities in relation to children’s right to live in a clean environment. This topic will be developed by partners in the coming months. The results of the work of pupils from each school will be presented at the workshop in France in April 2018.

The workshop was extremely fruitful. All partners have experience in working on European projects. Most of the partners have been involved in previous projects, which was a prerequisite for fruitful collaboration.

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video impression

Activities with the students

The purpose of the project platform

The representative of the Cybercrime Academy 

Neli Doncheva about nature and clean environment

Working in the Etwinning Platform

The Bulgarian ambassador giving training in 


The Czech team took 2 students to Sofia. PES Bankerche  organized an extra short students’training with the sixth graders.

The students’training