Save electricity!

Don’t leave your electronic devices – TV sets, computers, DVD’s – on stand-by mode. Switch them off completely and you will save about 10 % of your electricity bill. Buy energy-saving light bulbs and “A”-labelled household appliances.

Invest in reusable shopping bags

Minimize water consumption.

Turn off unnecessary lights.

Go paperless. Print on both sides of the paper. We college students often use huge amounts of paper, whether it is for home works, essays, reports or tests. As most know, paper comes from trees and should therefore be consumed with moderation.

Replace old light bulbs with LED’s

Avoid rinsing the dishes

Do not pre-heat the oven

It is common knowledge, but everyone still needs to do better in terms of shutting the water tap when brushing their teeth. This is an example of a completely unnecessary waste of resources.

Wear warm clothes in winter instead of using a heater;


Dry clothes by line instead of using the dryer;

Shut off  the computer when not in use;

Some ways to reduce our carbon footprint


Use Fan instead of air conditioner when weather is pleasant outside


– Reuse coffee grinds by keeping them aside and placing them into your garden or soil;

– Never throw away an old book, donate it to a library or to your recycling center, or a school! They can reuse it;

– Reuse your old toothbrush and use it to clean hard to reach areas like around the sink, your drains, faucets, and grout.

– Reuse old clothing by donating it to a local charity.;

– Reuse used wrapping paper and save it for next year;

– Reuse newspaper, interesting magazines, and other paper products by using them as wrapping paper;

– Kids toys have a new life when they’re donated;

– Tools are very valuable items on Internet. Try selling them in lots to save time, shipping waste, and energy;

– Sell or donate your old cellphone to the one of many companies out there;


Recycling Everything If You Can’t Reuse It!

some ways to reduce our carbon footprint